Ian Harwick

Helping Communities and Businesses Thrive

An expert in innovation, creativity and business development, he is not your typical career coach. For one he is 30; in that alone he is different than more than half of his contemporaries. His fresh, unique understanding of the changing world make him sought after by individuals wanting to make the leap forward to create a life that is fulfilling, sustainable and monetarily enriching.

His ability to get to the heart of the matter through empathy, understanding and perception make the experience of goal reaching fun, interesting and enlightening.  He is committed to your growth both in business and in life, his vision will be focused one step ahead, while maintaining pace right beside you.

Ian brings a new generational perspective focused on sustainability, practical vision and a commitment to build a better future for all. For Ian, action is key. He believes power lives in the present, action creates the future. You can find him working on his urban homestead in Denver, or blogging on national sites confronting challenging issues and sharing socially innovative strategies both realistic and easily implementable. Working towards building inclusive and sustainable communities and businesses is his passion, and he does it daily in small and large ways.

Quick wit and good humor coupled with his feisty innovative approach to quick problem solving makes him a compelling communicator and compassionate entrepreneur. The best part, he looks for the simple solutions to complex challenges.

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